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“Ineda CRoME technology for Level 5 Autonomous Driving”

Humans will believe in AD technology only if humans can map their cognitive behaviour with the functioning of AD cars.

What does this mean?

In order for Autonomous car to map the cognitive functions of humans, it has to replicate the function of human brain in following areas:

  • Perception of surroundings.
  • Decision making based upon perception.
  • Action triggered based upon decision making in a timely manner.

In AD systems sensors such as Lidar, radar, Ultrasonic, camera, laser etc are responsible for perceiving the surroundings by grabbing all the environmental information (RAW DATA) and pass it over to higher layers such as Artificial intelligence for decision making. Based upon the decision making, Actuators will manipulate the vehicle.

The gateway to AD is how sensors perceive the external environment which is nothing but information getting transformed into RAW DATA for Multi sensor fusion in distributed edge based computing system or RAW data being made available towards creating TRAINED MODEL SET for Artificial Intelligence Algorithm at Centralized computing system.

Data input from multiple sensors replace our five senses to inform us what is going on around the vehicle.

Strength of Multi Sensor Fusion Technology
Prime characteristics of Multi Sensor Fusion Technology System:

Correlative System: Sensors complement each other thereby ensuring that shortcomings of individual sensors do not perturb the perceptual process. The major benefits of Correlative or complementary system are increased spatial and temporal boundaries. The characteristic of this system enhances the overall object detection process.

Competing System: Sensors observe same field of view, providing excessive information thereby improving spatial resolution, system reliance and dimensionality.

Collaboration System: Sensors work as a team and provide one fine set of information that individual sensor can’t. The features of this system are enhanced spatial and temporal resolution.

Ineda Leadership in Autonomous Driving

Ineda Purpose Built Autonomous Driving Silicon

Ineda CRoME technology transforming the manual driving vehicles to auto pilot


The roadblocks to Level-5 Autonomous Driving systems are real time 360 degree monitoring and actuating the in-car safety, security and driving controls within sub millisecond latency. Ineda is changing this paradigm by designing a state-of- the-art purpose built silicon based AD hardware system. The Ineda CRoME technology enables an optimal process control system for critical AD sensors like high resolution cameras, imaging radars, ultrasound sensors thereby enabling sub millisecond system response time. Ineda’s silicon, system and software solution enables full flexibility of distributed compute system architecture or central compute system architecture. This is industry first technology that can truly enable a production ready Level-5 AD system.

“Early CRoME technology demonstration already
running at Ineda’s lab (utilizing purpose built silicon)”

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