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  • Customer obtains RMA Form (Available upon request via email to rma@inedasystems.com)
  • Completed form returned to: RMA@inedasystems.com
  • Ineda will acknowledge receipt and acceptance within 72 hours
  • If an 8D Failure analysis has been completed, please reference the Report Number on the RMA Request
  • Ineda has verified that the Devices are defective and notified the customer in writing


The purpose of this document is to provide INEDA SYSTEMS current standard guidelines and policies regarding the repair or return of INEDA SYSTEMS products under warranty (RMA Policy) to customers (Customer(s)) returning defective INEDA SYSTEMS products. This RMA Policy is in addition to the terms and conditions of Customer’s warranty found in the INEDA SYSTEMS Terms and Conditions of Sale (Terms of Sale) which may be found attached or made a part of the agreement of sale for the product between the Customer and INEDA SYSTEMS. In the event of a conflict between this RMA Policy and the Terms of Sale, the Terms of Sale take precedence and supersede the terms and conditions found in this RMA Policy. INEDA SYSTEMS may modify this RMA Policy at its sole discretion from time to time.

This RMA Policy applies to all Returned Material Authorization (RMA) requests from Customers. All products manufactured by INEDA SYSTEMS carry a two (2) year limited warranty on parts and labor as provided in the Terms of Sale. INEDA SYSTEMS will pass on to its customers all manufacturer’s warranties that are available to INEDA SYSTEMS Customers. It is against INEDA SYSTEMS’s policy to, and INEDA SYSTEMS will not, cross ship replacement parts or replacement products for products being returned.

INEDA SYSTEMS will not accept any delivery of any products for return or repair without INEDA SYSTEMS’s prior authorization as evidenced by a RMA number.

To receive a RMA number and to assure proper service, Customers must provide INEDA SYSTEMS with the following:

  • A completed RMA application form (“RMA Form”)
  • A detailed description of the defect and
  • A detailed description of the test parameters and/or operating conditions in sufficient detail to allow INEDA SYSTEMS to observe or reproduce the defect.

You may submit the RMA Form by email at rma@inedasystems.com. RMA numbers are valid for thirty (30) days at which time such RMA number expires and is void; all products being returned under that RMA number must be received by INEDA SYSTEMS within this thirty (30) day period.

INEDA SYSTEMS IS NOT OBLIGATED TO ACCEPT ANY RETURNED PRODUCT not in compliance with INEDA SYSTEMS’s RMA Policy, and SUCH PRODUCT MAY BE returned to CUSTOMER on a freight collected basis.

Typical Timelines

The dates and timelines being quoted in the table are typical for issues that Ineda is in complete control of. Depending on the number of external parties involved, shipping to local or international locations, nature and complexity of the issue, the dates may wary. Ineda will strive to work with customer to ensure speedy resolution of all issues. All days mentioned are business days.

S.No. Timeline Definition Duration (working days)
1 T0 Failed part(s) arrive at Ineda on site T0
2 T1 First draft of internal FA. Analysis in Ineda Labs T0 + 2 to 7 days
3 T2 Parts shipped to external agency for FA T1 + 4 to 7 days
4 T3 Second draft of initial FA – could be urgent resolution T2 + 3 - 5 days
5 T4 Final FA Report T3 + 7 – 10 days

Note to Indirect Customers

INEDA SYSTEMS’s acceptance of defective products will only occur through a direct customer of Ineda Systems. INEDA SYSTEM’S is under no obligation to accept returned products that have been resold by its original customer. INEDA SYSTEMS’s warranties are not transferable or assignable.

Peripherals and Sub-Assemblies

Functional peripheral modules and sub-assemblies should not be returned with failing units unless authorized by INEDA SYSTEMS. Non-functional sub-assemblies or peripherals are considered separate items and the repair of these items will be treated as separate repair service/requests and as such must be submitted under a separate RMA Form and RMA number. Customer must only send products that have been authorized by the RMA number under the submitted RMA Form.

No Defect/Problem Found

If INEDA SYSTEMS is unable to identify a defect, INEDA SYSTEMS will attempt (for a reasonable time) to obtain additional information from the Customer to assist in the isolation and identification of such defect. If INEDA SYSTEMS is unable to obtain information that leads INEDA SYSTEMS to identify the defect as described by Customer, INEDA SYSTEMS will assume the product is operating within specifications and will return it without additional testing. INEDA SYSTEMS will assess a re-certification fee and charge customer for INEDA SYSTEMS’s reasonable costs of handling and testing for this service. This fee is subject to change at any time but will not be less than the Non-Warranty Service/Repair Pricing. INEDA SYSTEMS will return the product to Customer at Customer’s expense, freight collect.

Product Abuse; Voided Warranty.

INEDA SYSTEMS reserves the right to charge the Customer for parts, labor (at INEDA SYSTEMS’s then-current labor rate) and shipping expenses for repair or replacement services, if INEDA SYSTEMS determines that (i) the cause of the product defect or failure was not a result of a defect, but rather as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation or application, repair, alteration, or accident, or negligence in use, storage, transportation or handling by a party other than INEDA SYSTEMS or other damage caused by Customer (Voided Warranty) or (ii) the product is in conformity with the warranty for such product. If upon INEDA SYSTEMS’s reasonable determination, after inspection of the returned product that the product has a Voided Warranty, INEDA SYSTEMS will notify the Customer of the estimated amount required to repair or replace Customer’s product under a non-warranty service or repair pricing. Such service may be subject to additional terms as may be agreed to by INEDA SYSTEMS and the Customer.

Items Beyond Repair

INEDA SYSTEMS may credit the Customer for items that are determined to be non-repairable if the defect is considered a warrantable defect and a replacement is not readily available. If INEDA SYSTEMS chooses to credit the Customer, INEDA SYSTEMS will credit the Customer the purchase price of the item. Items determined to be beyond INEDA SYSTEMS’s ability to repair as the result of Customer damage or otherwise due to a Voided Warranty will be returned, “as received” and INEDA SYSTEMS will assess a minimum service fee to Customer. This service fee varies by product, but will not be less than the Non-Warranty Service/Repair Pricing. We do not guarantee and INEDA SYSTEMS is under no obligation to replace or credit any type for non-repairable items for which the warranty has expired, or the warranty is not applicable or is a Voided Warranty.

Reconditioned Parts

INEDA SYSTEMS reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent or serviceable reconditioned parts when replacing a defective part.

Shipping and Freight

The Customer is responsible for all costs related to the return of the product to INEDA SYSTEMS for warranty service/repair. This includes all costs of shipping, packaging, customs clearance, and other related charges. If a returned product is under warranty, INEDA SYSTEMS will ship the repaired or replacement product to any location designated by the Customer within the United States at no cost to the Customer. INEDA SYSTEMS shall exercise its own discretion in selecting the method of shipment. However, if the returned product to is out-of-warranty or has a Voided Warranty, the cost(s) of shipping the product back to the customer’s location is the responsibility of the customer and these costs will be added to the repair invoice.

Boldly mark the outside of the shipping container with the RMA number. INEDA SYSTEMS reserves the right to refuse unmarked packages and will not accept those that are not clearly marked with a RMA number. Any such products that are inadvertently received may be returned to the sender freight-collect.

Please properly pack all products before shipping. Customer must ship the defective product to INEDA SYSTEMS in the original or equivalent packaging with the RMA number clearly displayed on the outside of the shipping container. INEDA SYSTEMS will void the warranty of any product that is received without proper shock, vibration and ESD protection.

Right to accept non-conforming returns at INEDA SYSTEMS’s option. Without limiting any of the foregoing or other rights of INEDA SYSTEMS, INEDA SYSTEMS may accept returned products from Customer and charge Customers any costs incurred by INEDA SYSTEMS resulting from Customer’s failure to conform the return of a defective product with this RMA Policy, including such return that (i) does not include a proper RMA number, (ii) is beyond the period prescribed by INEDA SYSTEMS for such return, (iii) is without proper packaging or proper markings displayed on the outside of its shipping container or (iv) is not addressed to the facility or address designated by INEDA SYSTEMS for such return.

INEDA SYSTEMS will not be responsible for in transit damage or missing shipments to or from Ineda Systems. ALL RISK OF LOSS SHALL BE BORNE BY CUSTOMER WHILE PRODUCT IS IN TRANSIT. DELIVERY OF REPAIRED OR REPLACED PRODUCT IS F.O.B. Ineda Systems FACILITIES, with risk of loss passing to CUSTOMER upon delivery to the carrier at INEDA SYSTEMS’s point of shipment.

Note to International Customers

For all locations outside of the United States, the warranty excludes all costs of shipping, customs clearance, and other related charges. Any customs clearance and related charges incurred by INEDA SYSTEMS due to inbound customer shipments will be added to the repair invoice. Shipments originating outside of the United States should be accompanied by all documents containing all information required to clear U. S. Customs. This includes, without limitation, US Customs Form 3311 Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products. A copy of this form may be downloaded from the Department of the Treasury United States Custom Service worldwide web site.