Delivers low-latency and low overhead communication

New and Emerging applications in Automotive and IoT space needs diversity of processors to deliver the best-in-class elastic performance/power. Any multi-core system is only as effective as the software's ability to take advantage of parallelism, and ability to effectively map applications needs to individual processors.

Ineda’s family of SoCs provides a secure and highly efficient inter-processor communication infrastructure using CPU Link services. The CPU Link is specifically designed to deliver low latency and low overhead communication between processors with diverse performance and memory resources. It uses fast interrupt mechanism to implement low latency for short messages and synchronization. It utilizes shared memory to achieve low overhead (aka “zero-copy”) so data passes by reference rather than physically being copies. Since resources and peripherals are shared between multiple processors, a lightweight semaphore mechanism allows implementation of synchronization primitives to surround critical sections of code and ensure there is no resource contention.

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