Seamless sharing of resources

In computing systems, virtualization is a technology that is generally implemented to meet the growing demands of user applications. Virtualization allows a platform to run multiple operating systems and applications at the separate partitions of SoCs., thus allowing a computing system to function as multiple "virtual" systems. In addition, each of the virtual systems may be isolated from each other and can function independently.

Lately virtualization has also been extended to cover I/O virtualization. I/O virtualization is a methodology where I/O devices can be shared across multiple hosts. In systems supporting I/O virtualization, address remapping is generally used to enable assignment of the I/O devices to the host processor.

Ineda's I/O Virtualization technology enables seamless sharing of peripherals such as Display, SD, NAND, Audio, Camera, Wired/Wireless interfaces, among the two or more heterogeneous CPU and OS.

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