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Dhanush WPU


Wearable devices face a unique set of challenges, including how to give them increased battery life and how to add increased computing performance in a smaller device. To be successful, wearables will need long lasting batteries along with ability to add functionality, such as location awareness and voice and gesture control. This unique combination of long battery life and increased functionality cannot be solved with existing solutions. Instead, new specifically designed solutions are needed. Ineda Systems has addressed both of these challenges with its industry-first Wearable SoC, the Dhanush WPU.

Dhanush Product Line


The Dhanush WPU family consists of 2 product tiers – Advanced and Micro – which are designed for specific applications and product segments. Each of these products will aim to provide 30 day always-on battery life, up to 10x power consumption reduction compared to the current generation of application processors and be available at consumer price points.


Designed to include all the features required in a high end wearable device – rich graphics and user interface – along with the capability to run a mobile class operating system such as Android.

Dhanush-Advanced WPU - INCDHAD1 - is now available for early customer sampling.


Dhanush-Micro SOC is designed for use in microcontroller class of smart watches that have increased compute and memory footprint. This contains a sensor hub CPU subsystem that takes care of the Always-on functionality of wearable devices.

Dhanush-Micro WPU - INCDHMC1 - is now available for early customer sampling.

For more information about the Dhanush WPU products, please get it touch with us at Our Greater China customers can also contact us at

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