Introducing The World's First
Wearable Processing Unit!

Ineda Systems has launched industry's first Wearable Processor Unit, WPU™ a low-power, high-performance SoC targeting the emerging wearable technology market

Ineda Wins GSA
"Start-Up to Watch" Award

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Ineda Systems (pronounced "E-ne-da") is a startup company founded by industry veterans from the United States and India with an ultimate goal of becoming a leader in developing low power SoCs for use in both consumer and enterprise applications.

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  • Ineda Systems is bringing the first wearable-specific chipset design to market. "Strict power constraints are the greatest technological...

    Chris Jones,
    VP and Principal Analyst,

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  • While there is enormous potential for low-power SoCs in wearables electronics, the opportunity for the myriad of devices that will make up the Internet of Things is many times larger...

    Jim McGregor,

    Founder and Principal Analyst,
    TIRIAS Research

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  • As demand for the next-generation of wearable technology continues to grow, device manufacturers are faced with a challenge - how to keep these devices constantly powered...

    Bob O'Donnell,

    Founder and Chief Analyst,
    TECHnalysis Research

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  • The rapid expansion of wearable technology has brought the issue of power consumption back to the forefront,..

    Linley Gwennap,

    The Linley Group

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